Year: 2021


What is Lean FIRE?

The FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) movement is growing rapidly in recent years. The original and most traditional version of this is Lean FIRE. Lean FIRE is generally considered the extreme version of the FIRE movement. It is suited to a minimalist who is comfortable living on a lower income and retirement number while …

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Retire Early

Retire Early with a High Salary

How does working until you are 30 sound? Fantastic right? If you want to retire early with a high salary then read on. What if you could get a high paying job at 18, work for just 12 years with good savings habits, invest wisely and retire early. You can achieve financial independence and retire …

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The FIRE Movement

What is the most valuable resource in the world? Is it Gold? Maybe Platinum, Diamonds or cold hard cash? The answer is none of these. The most important resource we have is TIME. Welcome to the FIRE movement, where the goal is to give you back some of this precious time. It is what you …

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